Published Articles: Career and Professional Journals and Magazines.

If you want to learn more about managing change and career transition, you might be interested in reading some of my work.

See below for links to articles I have had published in Career Convergence, an online publication of National Association of Career Development (NCDA)

How to Use Personal Writing to Manage your Career Transition

Navigating Disrupted Careers with Proven Transition Writing Tools: An Essential Guide for Career Professionals

This article is co-authored with my esteemed mentor and colleague, transition expert Leia Francisco. Although written for career professionals, read it to discover easy-to-use, practical, proven, and flexible transition writing tools that you can apply to your personal challenges.

Project Management Skills and Careers

Tracking Careers: How to Apply Project Management Tools to Promote Career Development

In this article, co-authored with business psychologist Sharon De Mascia, we share some ideas about how tools developed in the field of project management can be applied to help professionals manage their careers.

Sharon is the author of the book “Project Psychology: Tools and Techniques for making your Project a Success”.  My own experience of project management comes from a position as project manager and researcher on a team investigating work-life issues and transitions at Portland State University.

Careers and Relocation

Moving for Work: The Difference a Career Professional Can Make

This invited article for Career Convergence is on a topic close to my heart.  It combines a personal and professional overview of some of the career challenges involved when you relocate.

Careers and Personal Strengths

Strengths and Careers: Applying a Strengths Approach to Help Clients Move Ahead

This article, co-authored with Dr Emma Trenier discusses individual strengths and why knowing one’s strengths is important during career change.

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