Coaching, Consulting & Training for Professionals Who Want To Make Changes and Move Forward in their Career and Work Lives.

What matters most to you in work and in life is unique to you. You may be in a situation that’s challenging and feels confusing, or you may be looking for support to solve a specific problem that is keeping you stuck.

It’s not always easy to find the right service provider. Maybe you’ve never engaged professional support for your career before.

The first step is to discuss what you hope to get from working together. 

Who I Help

To get an idea of how I help, see some of the types of questions that clients bring below:

Mentorship and Preparing for Accreditation

I’m applying for my professional credential. I need to prove that my experience matches the competencies. There’s an application, case studies, a panel interview. Can you help me prepare?

Role Change

We’re about to be restructured and I think my job will disappear. I’d like to stay in the same company but not sure if there will be a role for me. 

I’ve been promoted to team lead. Now that  I’m responsible for their work as well as my own, I’m working more and more hours. 

Career Communication

Now that I’m changing direction, how do I talk about it? What should I write on my LinkedIn profile and resume or CV?

I’m on LinkedIn but it’s not really working. What else can I do? 

Professional Networking and Building Relationships

Most of the people I know professionally are the people I work with. I’ve been too busy to keep up my network.

Overcoming Job Search Obstacles

How do I start over? I’m moving with my family to somewhere I don’t know anyone. How do I look for work.

I have a gap in my work history.  How do I explain it in my interview?

It’s a long time since I’ve had to apply for a job. Where do I begin?

I’ve left my job under stressful circumstances and have just begun my job search. I have a “to-do” list in front of me with 143 items. I’m completely stuck.

What’s Next?

If you have a specific question or are looking for help with your situation, email me here

If, for now, you’d prefer to stay in touch by email, add your name and email here to get my free newsletter with practical tips and resources to support you in your career and work life.

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