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The purpose of this policy is to tell you what what information I may ask you and why, and how your information is managed.

I treat your personal information with care and do not share it with others for marketing purposes.  

The specific data gathered will depend on the type of engagement that is relevant to you.

What Information is Collected and Why? 

Here are some practical examples of the different types of business relationship that may be relevant to you so that you know what to expect.  

* You engage me to provide services such as coaching, consulting, career document preparation, or other services as agreed.

* You request information about products or services.

* You find my website through online search or by referral and visit for information . 

* You sign up to receive information such as a newsletter or other announcements.

* You request information about a class, workshop, online meeting, or other educational event that you may be interested in participating in. 

* You participate in an educational event and

Read the sections below that apply to your situation.

Client Services: Information for Service Provision and Enquiries

Service Provision

When we work together, I will ask you to provide personal information to enable me to provide the agreed service and to fulfill legal, ethical, and regulatory obligations.

The personal data collected typically includes contact details such as full name, email, telephone number/s, address, age, and current employer when applicable.  

In addition to the personal details, I will ask you to sign an agreement regarding the proposed work.  This will include a confidentiality agreement so that you know what to expect.  

You will receive details about how to pay for your services.

You are in control of the financial information such as credit card information that you provide. It is processed externally, for example through a bank or other secure payment processor such as PayPal.  

For more details, check the privacy policy of the relevant provider.

Service Enquiries

Sometimes this involves an initial consultation so that I can better understand your needs and answer your questions about services.  The information you provide is held in confidence.

I will ask for contact information.  I may ask you to complete an online survey or answer questions by email so that I can respond appropriately to your request for information.

Information for newsletter subscriptions and fulfillment of requests for information products. 

Newsletter Subscription 

Email is permission-based.  If you request information, for example you tell me you want to get a copy of my newsletter by email, you control your subscription. 

Initial sign up involves two steps: 

1. I will ask you to fill in a form to send in your email address and name.

2. You will need to confirm your request by clicking on the link in the email that you get when your form has been received.  

Subsequent emails always give you information about how to  automatically unsubscribe or update your information.

I use a third party service to manage this process more securely, to protect you from spam, and to enable you to control your subscription from within your own email.

Specific Information Product Requests 

Sometimes I will ask you for your name and email so that I can fulfill a request for specific information. For example, you might request a worksheet, tips sheet, or other educational content.

The process is similar to the newsletter subscription outlined above.  You will be asked to confirm your permission to send. 

Participation in Educational Events 

If you sign up attend an educational event, either in-person or online, I will ask for the information needed to communicate with you before, during, and after the event.

I may ask you if you would like to be kept informed of future similar events. 

Feedback will be aggregated and used for quality assurance and service improvements. Testimonials will only be shared with your consent.

Tracking Website Visits, Social Media Contacts, and ongoing Subscriptions

You will not be contacted directly as a result of visiting my website, unless you make a specific request.

I use technical tools such as google analytics to track website activity and better understand how visitors interact with my website, newsletter, social media posts, or other means of communicating.

This information is used to administer the website and subscriptions. Data are analyzed in aggregate as a way of identifying patterns and trends that inform service provision and business development.  


See the cookies policy to find out how cookies are used. 

Please check your browser for the privacy options available to you while using websites and online communication tools.  

Social media platforms have their own privacy policies. For information, visit the relevant site.

Third-party Links

I may provide links to other websites with the intention of providing you with a resource.

I have no control over these sites nor their privacy policies.  It is your responsibility to read their privacy statements to ensure that you are satisfied with them. 

Questions and Assistance

If you have any questions about this privacy notice, or need assistance please contact Dr Jennifer Bradley

To learn more about the rights you have in relation to your personal data, contact the Information Commissioner’s Office.

The Information Commissioner’s Office – Scotland
Queen Elizabeth House
Sibbald Walk

Email: [email protected]

Tel:  +44 0303 123 1115

Last updated April 22, 2021

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